Ready to build a healthy relationship with food and feel comfortable in your skin?

it's time to feel safe with food  

Stop overthinking every food decision and start savouring life's meaningful moments 

Do you see yourself in one of the following statements?

You’re new to nutrition therapy and have never heard of somatic work, but you’re tired of constantly SECOND-GUESSING your food choices.
Maybe you…

…Believed learning about nutrition would “fix” the issue.
But you feel more confused than when you started. You may wonder if you even need nutrition counselling...especially after working with dietitians and other nutritionists in the past.

…Have done some therapy around your eating, but something still feels off.
 You know when you're trying to tune into your body's signals for hunger and fullness, but it's just so darn hard to trust them? And then you end up chowing down on foods that leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, and you're like, "Why did I do that?!" And then there are those moments when you're not even hungry, but you find yourself snacking away anyway. 
I hear the frustration.

…Feel debilitated by your body image and uncomfortable in your body.
You’ve got a number of dreams on ice, all waiting for "one day."

...Suspect your current struggles with food have something to do with your past, but aren’t sure how. 


You're not new to nutrition therapy and you know you never want to diet again. But you still don’t feel like you’re doing this anti-diet thing “right.”
Maybe you’ve gotten some support in the past, but you...

…Struggle to connect with what your body is saying (what are fullness cues?)
You behave like a recovered person, but you can’t feel it on the inside. You constantly question your food decisions and feel exhausted by the daily am-I-hungry-do-I-want-it tape that plays in your mind.

…Still binge eat or eat emotionally more often than you'd like. You find yourself going back to the kitchen several times a day to grab more food...even when you don’t want it. You can’t imagine enjoying a couple of cookies. In your house, open means empty.

...You judge yourself for eating despite intellectually knowing all foods can fit.

….Wish you could actually maintain your recovery rather than sliding back into disordered eating patterns after a couple weeks or months.

Say hello to

feel safe with food 

a 1:1 somatic nutrition therapy service for women and gender non-conforming folks who want to start savouring life's meaningful moments

As you might’ve guessed, darling,

this is more than a “here’s your meal plan” situation.

No food policing.

No counting, weighing, or measuring.

No restrictive protocols.

“I struggled with disordered eating for as long as I can remember. Sarah was an incredible nutritionist who patiently supported me in breaking down years of control, rigid rules, and anxieties that I had towards eating. Sarah made me feel heard, understood, and validated throughout our entire time together. I finished seeing her a year ago and I still use the strategies she gave me on a daily basis as guidelines to continue to be free of the overwhelming burden of disordered eating.”

- A. S.

I’m here to tell you: it’s actually possible to stop thinking about food all. the. time.

And you don’t need to eat less or cut out food groups to get there.

What Do You Get?

unlimited email support

Receive unlimited email support between sessions. Email support is intended for short, clarifying questions or troubleshooting in between sessions. 

nutrition sessions

Weekly or bi-weekly private somatic nutrition therapy/coaching sessions with Sarah 


Hand-picked resources to support your recovery journey.

+Individualized session summaries

How does it work?

Book your complimentary clarity call

Apply by booking your complimentary, no-pressure call. A Zoom invite will land magically in your inbox, complete with questions for you to consider in advance of the call.

We’ll discuss your questions and goals for our work together

and address any questions or concerns you have about the service. If we mutually decide you’re a good fit, we'll book your sessions. You are also welcome (and encouraged) to take a few days to determine whether the service is right for you.

You’ll receive the first invoice, video link, and intake/consent forms.

As part of the package, you’ll receive unlimited email support in between sessions. Brief session summaries with reflection questions and hand-picked resources will also be sent to you after sessions.

During our first session, I’ll ask you several questions to get to know you better.

You’re also encouraged to consider what you’d like to leave the first session with. From there, I’ll come up with a tentative plan for our time together.

She never made me feel judged for my struggles

"I have been so fortunate to work with Sarah on several aspects of my eating and body image, including binging, emotional eating, and learning how to be compassionate with myself. She is one of the sweetest and most empathetic human beings you will ever meet!

instead she would gently help me peel away the layers to get to the root of what I was struggling with. I was AMAZED at how her process helped me with emotional eating! She isn’t going to tell you WHAT to eat, or that one food is “good” and one is “bad.” She helps you understand that eating should be a joyful experience! I enjoy food now, more than ever, but I no longer feel out of control around it. I highly recommend working with Sarah if you want to stop the restrict-binge merry-go round! She has truly changed my life for the better.”

 -J. A.

After working for several years as an Intuitive Eating Counselor, I realized there were a lot of folks with a history of adverse events or trauma who were struggling to embody Intuitive Eating and really let go of dieting (I can relate!). And even those who didn’t identify with having a trauma history were still showing up with the food and body image symptoms of people who had.

And I’ve done the additional training to meet you where you are, including…

  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist®, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 
  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, The Original Intuitive Eating Pros® (Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch)
  • Somatic Experiencing® Student (Intermediate III), Somatic Experiencing Institute
  • Certificate in Body Positive Psychotherapy, The Body Positive Institute
  • Non-Diet Nutrition Counselling Skills, Advanced/Somatic Nutrition Counselling Skills, and 50+ hours of individual and group supervision, Tracy Brown
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Russ Harris
  • Body Image Healing, Marci Evans and Fiona Sutherland
  • Eating Disorders and Digestive Disorders, Marci Evans and Lauren Dear
  • Eating Disorders Training, Marci Evans
  • Multiple continuing education webinars through EDRDPro
  • Anti-Diet Work as Death Work, Angela Alberto and Virgie Tovar
  • Stop Fighting Food Masterclass & professional mentorship, Isabel Foxen Duke
  • Certified Diet Recovery Coach, Certified Weight Neutral Coach, The Center for Weight Neutral Coaching™
  • Member of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH)
  • 1.5 years experience and supervision at a private eating disorder outpatient centre
  • 100+ hours group and individual therapy

(My Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Windsor also shapes my work tremendously when it comes to looking at food stories and eating patterns)

My experience with her was life changing.

“I reached out to Sarah when I was finally at the point of no longer wanting to diet.

Sarah has a way of making you feel safe along this lonely journey. She is intuitive, authentic, wise and the perfect partner in healing your relationship with food. It was the best choice I ever made. I was nervous I was always going to want to eat every dessert in front of me and it would never end. I trusted her and I am so glad I did. After 35 years of watching everything that went into my body I can finally say I found freedom. I eat what I want and stop when I do not feel like it anymore. I never thought I would get to this point. I believed something was wrong with me and that intuitive eating was only for other people. I can now say I have made peace with food and enjoy eating all foods.”

 -T. S.

This      for you if:


You’re seeking relief from food obsession

You want to feel comfortable in your body

You’re ready for a sustainable way of eating

It's probably      for you if...


You want weight loss more than food peace

You’re looking for a quick fix

You want to be told what and how much to eat

Efeel safe with food is perfect for adults who struggle with one or more of the following


  • Chronic dieting
  • Disordered eating
  • Binge eating
  • Emotional eating
  • “Food addiction”
  • Food and weight preoccupation
  • Orthorexia or an obsession with healthy eating
  • Body image concerns

  • What is a nutrition therapist?

Nutrition therapists are professionals – typically Registered Dietitians or nutritionists – who fuse nutrition counseling with therapy models. Elyse Resch, RD, defines nutrition therapy as “a client-focused, process-oriented, and relationship-building” process. Unlike traditional nutrition counseling, which focuses on what to eat and what not to eat and may include structured meal plans, nutrition therapy aims to explore an individual’s thoughts and feelings about food and their relationship to it. 

  • What’s the difference between nutrition therapy and therapy?

Nutrition therapy focuses exclusively on food, body, and movement. 

  • How do I know if I’m ready?

Most people are ambivalent about starting this work, which makes so much sense. If you’ve hit diet bottom and/or want to try something different, you’re ready! You’re also welcome to discuss your hesitations during the call.

  • What are your hours of service?

Mondays 3 pm - 7:00 pm, Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays from 8 am - 6:30 pm, and Fridays 8 am - 2 pm EST. 

  • How long does it take to get results?

Most people I work with require at least 12 sessions (6 months) to see results. On average, I work with most of my clients for 6 months to 3 years. That said, everyone is different. 

  • What if I'm "too far gone"?

I believe it's never too late (or too soon!) to recover from dieting or disordered eating. I've helped folks who've been struggling for less than a year and many who've been living with an eating disorder for 20+ years.

  • Is full recovery actually possible?

While the answer to this is complicated, in short: yes! That said, you will get what you put into the work. I'm happy to provide suggestions for how to make the most of our time together. 

  • Do I need to work with a therapist?

 I often recommend that folks work with a therapist to get the most out of both therapy and nutrition therapy.

  • I have a busy life. How many hours will this take up?

Consider that this work is a part of life, and not separate from it. You can spend as little or as much time on this work as you like. You will have a say in any experiential work that gets assigned to you.

  • Do you have a set plan or is the work individualized?

The work is incredibly individualized. While there are common patterns and phases that all folks go through, everyone is different. This is not a set cookie-cutter program.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

E-transfer, Paypal, and major credit cards.

  • Can’t I just work with a general Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, or Health Coach?

Most general practitioners are not trained in eating disorders or somatic nutrition, so while you may learn some skills, most people I work with find they need more specific support around food, movement, and their body image.

  • I have a chronic health condition. Can you help me?

It depends! I encourage you to discuss this on the call. I sometimes share clients with RDs when clinical work is required. 

  • I have an active eating disorder or a history of an eating disorder. Is this service suitable for me?

I encourage you to discuss this during the first call.

Have questions? We’ve got answers.