Unhook Your Worth From Your Weight

Trauma-Informed Intuitive Eating Counselling & Nutrition Therapy

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what we do

Let me give it to you straight up: you don't need more food rules or another "clean eating" plan to feel comfortable in your skin.

Whether you're struggling with emotional eating, binge eating, or feelings of food addiction, you're tired of the intense highs and lows of dieting. 

You need a sustainable way of eating that works from the inside out so that you can be present to all of life's meaningful moments.

 Sarah opened my eyes to the pervasive nature of diet culture and helped me to challenge it.  

  I am living a life I never thought I would have because of my work with sarah.

G. M.

Build a Positive Relationship with Food

Re-Connect with Your Body's Wants and Needs

Feel Comfortable and Confident in Your Body

You deserve to lead an unrestricted, satisfying, and fulfilling life at and away from the table. And to get there you need more than a "here's your meal plan" sitch.


hello there.

I’m Sarah, 
certified IE coach and nutrition therapist.

I struggled with disordered eating, negative body image, and over-exercise for 15 years. I understand what it's like to hate your body, obsess over your pants size, workout every day (or feel guilty), spend all of your free time doing food math, and generally feel locked in food jail. Even though I love Intuitive Eating, being able to implement it as written was a hard pass. I knew I needed a more embodied approach to fully make peace with food and my body...which brought me to trauma-informed work.

She/Her, certified Intuitive eating counsellor, writer, coffee-drinker, ENFP, 7w8.

let me help you find peace with food.


Embodied Eating Intensive (6 months)

Enroll in this 6-month coaching intensive to stop worrying about food, weight, and how much you exercise.


Embodied Eating Intensive (3 months)

Not ready to commit to a long-term package? Get started with a short-term commitment.


Join Enjoy It All Group Coaching

My intimate group coaching experience is perfect for those who want to connect with others who are also improving their relationship with food. 

Sarah has a way of making you feel safe along this lonely journey. She is intuitive, authentic, wise and the perfect partner in healing your relationship with food. 

It was the best choice I ever made.



Diets aren’t sustainable over the long term, but so many of us don’t know how to eat without food rules to follow. By exploring the many reasons we can’t kick dieting — such as the desire for weight loss, improved health outcomes, or social bonding — you can call off the search for The Secret (hot tip: there isn’t one) and eat according to the wisdom of your body.

ready to work with me?

IT's time to stop the cycle.

If you're ready for a peaceful relationship with food and your body so that you can move on with your life, let's talk.