Hooked on the diet rollercoaster or caught in recovery limbo?

Let me teach you how to work with your hunger — not against it — so you can stop obsessing about food and body.

Let’s work together.

However you’ve arrived, I’m going to assume you’re here to improve your health by working on your relationship to food and body. Or perhaps you’re curious about how intuitive eating coaching differs from holistic nutrition or conventional dietetics? If so, you’re in the right place. While I’m based in Toronto, I work with folks all over the world through the gift of Zoom.

my nutrition philosophy

My approach is guided by the principles of intuitive eating and grounded in Health at Every Size® (HAES).

That means:

  • I may have formal training in nutrition and body image, but you are the expert of your own body.

  • I believe health is more complex than diet and exercise, and that nutrition is less complicated than the wellness industry would have you think.

  • I don’t see food as “good” or “bad”, “healthy” or “unhealthy.” Rather, I believe #allfoodsfit — and that legalizing off-limits foods is vital to breaking free from the restrict-binge cycle.

  • Health isn’t binary and exists on a spectrum.

  • Our body has a weight it will fight to stay at, and I celebrate and respect size diversity.

  • I trust your body (and I want to guide you to trust your body, too.)

What’s it like to work with me?

As a weight-inclusive nutritionist, I help my clients to shift their unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviours about food and body — all without weight loss goals — and find food freedom. My approach is informed by the principles of intuitive eating, but has evolved over my years of practice. Because of what I’ve seen and learned from a slew of talented professionals, I also draw from other modalities and theoretical frameworks.

Most sessions are best described as “talk nutrition therapy.” While some content is provided, nutrition therapy is process-driven, where we work together to explore and unpack what’s coming up for you around food, movement, and body image. Sessions are perhaps most fruitful when clients take an active role in their recovery by coming with questions, concerns, and/or areas they’d like to explore. Some resources and experiential homework will be assigned as needed.

My counselling style has been described as client-centred, non-judgmental, and compassionate.

My work is supervised by Tracy Brown, RD.

Who do I work with?

I work with folks of all genders, 18+, who are interested in doing the deep and meaningful work of recovery from chronic diet cycles, binge eating, emotional eating, and various forms of disordered eating. I also help those with an eating disorder history to move away from structured meal planning and toward a more flexible relationship with food, and coach people to become Intuitive Eaters.

While weight manipulation and Intuitive Eating run counter to one another, most folks come to this work still hoping for weight loss. This makes so much sense given the culture we live in and the pressures placed on us! I invite this ambivalence into my practice. You don’t have to be “all in” or sold on a non-diet approach to take the first step.

While I live in Toronto, I work with people all over the globe.

Who do i not work with?

I’m not a good fit for you if:

  • You have an active, clinical eating disorder

  • You value weight loss more than feeling sane around food

  • You feel jaded by health and wellness, and are convinced nothing will work for you

  • You’re looking for a weight loss plan, elimination diet, or other restrictive plan

What’s the recommended frequency and length of time?

My general recommendation is a weekly or bi-weekly frequency to start. Some folks see me for a few sessions and feel much better about moving forward with Intuitive Eating on their own, while others work with me for years. Everyone is different. I would suggest 3-6 months as a benchmark. You are always welcome to pause as needed and take a break. This work is challenging and self-care is important.

Please note that I often recommend working alongside a therapist to help you to safely process the feelings that emerge from our work together and to get the most out of Intuitive Eating coaching/nutrition therapy.

Nutrition therapy and Intuitive Eating Counselling Services

Please Note: All sessions are currently being conducted virtually via Zoom. All prices listed are in Canadian currency. Prices are subject to change.

Intuitive Eating Coaching & Nutrition Therapy

Intake Session (55 minutes): $150 + applicable HST

Sessions (55 minutes): $125 + applicable HST

Email support (1 email per week)

Intuitive Eating Coaching/Nutrition Therapy 6-Month Package

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16 x 55 minute sessions

$1700 + applicable HST if paid in full, 6 x $315 + HST with payment plan

Unlimited email support

To be used within 6 months of purchase.

Individual sessions may be added at a rate of $110 + HST thereafter.

New! Enjoy It All 6-Month Group Coaching Program

Doors open for enrolment on Thursday, January 28, 2021

Learn how to take the bite out of food guilt and find food freedom in this Intuitive Eating-based group coaching program. Get on the waitlist to find out more!

how to book:

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  2. The SB Nutrition Team will connect with you within 1 business day to schedule the clarity call with Sarah and fill out a brief intake form.

  3. All clarity calls currently take place on Zoom or by phone.

  4. Should you decide to move forward, we’ll send you a) an agreement b) invoice c) permanent Zoom link. We accept payment via e-transfer, PayPal, and credit card.

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