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If you’re tired of dieting for two weeks only to blow it on a one-bite brownie and fall off the wagon, let me show you what it’s like to eat in the driver’s seat.

Maybe you feel like you’ve lost so much time working for the “right” body — the one you’re convinced will land you the perfect partner, your dream job, and the effortless confidence of a lingerie model.

You feel like you keep failing at dieting or healthy eating (which feels a lot like failing at life) because you’ve re-gained any weight you’ve lost. You feel even more confused about food than ever. 

Always waiting on the weight, maybe you…


…Skip out on dinner and drinks with friends because you’re afraid of going over your calorie limit (or of saying screw it, and eating #allthethings until you feel sick.


…Keep delaying that beach vacation because you can’t imagine wearing a bathing suit in public


…Are waiting to date until your body is “relationship ready” to avoid rejection


…Feel so focused on what, when, and how much you’re eating that you’re always distracted during conversations that matter 

You believed dieting would help you to love your body.

Instead you wake up thinking about what you’ll eat and go to sleep analyzing every bite.