How to Set New Year’s Resolutions as an Intuitive Eater

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I’m Sarah (she/her), a Toronto-based writer, anti-diet nutritionist, and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. I teach folks how to have a healthy relationship with food and accept their natural body size.

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Anyone with a chronic dieting history is no stranger to January’s beckoning calls; new year, new you, right? I get it. For the better part of my life, weight loss headlined all of my new year’s resolutions. Whether I planned to “eat more vegetables” —whatever more meant — or get ripped at the gym, every goal I set for myself was body- and food-related. Not only did I not achieve the impossible ideals I set out to at the beginning of the year, I didn’t feel any better about myself, either.

Sound familiar?

Enter: intuitive eating. Even though the modality is intended to improve the relationship between food and body, it turns out our relationship with our plate is a gateway to all other relationships. In leaving behind my pursuit of a smaller body, I created space for a bigger life — one with more fulfilling goals.

Perhaps, like me, you love the blank canvas of a new year rife with possibility (or, like me, love any opportunity to sport sequins.) But I also understand how tough this time of year can be, with so many people returning to hard-core dieting or committing to “eating clean.” Setting non-diet intentions is one great way to resist the urge to to diet, grounding you in what’s most important and offering experiences to look forward to.

Here’s a list of 50 thing to chase after this year that have nothing to do with weight loss:

  1. Cook all of the recipes in a cookbook.

  2. Take a trip.

  3. Learn how to sew.

  4. Take up a new language.

  5. Start a side business.

  6. Browse your local art gallery.

  7. Spend a day at a beach.

  8. Watch the best documentaries of 2019 (


  9. Paint.

  10. Take a cooking class.

  11. Learn professional photography.

  12. Buy and take care of a plant.

  13. Organize a junk drawer.

  14. Watch a movie alone.

  15. See your favourite band play in a nearby city.

16. Make x meals at home per week.
17. Go on a road trip with a friend or loved one.
18. Read a book a week.
19. Play tourist in your own city and explore new-to-you neighbourhoods. 20. Volunteer for a cause you care about.
21. Host x dinner parties per month/year.
22. Commit to diversifying your playlists.
23. Eat alone at a restaurant.
24. Start a morning routine.
25. Make more friends through Meet Up groups or apps.
26. Set an earlier bedtime.
27. Go on x dates per week/month/year.
28. Write a book.
29. Learn how to perfect an omelette.
30. Allow for more snacks.
31. Compliment someone every day.
32. Meet your neighbours.
33. Make x social plans per week/month/year.
34. Spend x time alone per week/month/year.
35. Decorate your apartment.
36. Cultivate your own personal style.
37. Get a new haircut.
38. Vow to stop saying mean things to yourself.
39. Try the top x restaurants in your town/city.
40. Take x hours of professional development.
41. Start a journal.
42. Outfit yourself in comfortable clothing.
43. Sort a closet.
44. Plant a tree.
45. Donate to an important cause.
46. Read the newspaper every week.
47. Spend more or less time with family.
48. Go to private or group therapy.
49. Eat breakfast.
50. Make a budget.

How do you feel about new year’s resolutions? Are you setting any goals for the upcoming year? Share them in the comments below!

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